RITUAL DETERRENCE team at the BISA 2024 Conference in Birmingham, UK, 5-7 June 2024

Prof. Maria Mälksoo and Dr Cameron Hunter presented their work in progress at the British International Studies Association’s (BISA) 2024 Conference in Birmingham, UK on 5-7 June 2024. The project convened a panel on Rituals in International Relations, featuring Vanessa Newby (Leiden), Chiara Ruffa (Sciences Po), Mirko Palestrino (Queen Mary University of London) besides the RITUAL DETERRENCE team. Maria Mälksoo presented her paper ‘The Logic of Ritual Action: Enchanting International Relations’ and Cameron Hunter his ‘Ritualised Coordination in the PLA Rocket Force: Nuclear Deterrence, Control, and Sacrifice’.

Further, Dr Hunter presented another paper on ‘Chinese Anti-Satellite Technology and US Nuclear (In)Security’ at a panel on ‘Projecting Power and Science: Anti-Satellite Weapons and Strategic Interests in Space’, and spoke at the roundtable on the nexus of artificial intelligence and critical security studies. In her turn, prof. Mälksoo spoke at the roundtable of RIS (Review of International Studies) and International Affairs editors.

The conference programme is available here.


9 June 2024